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Product Availability Alert: Thermo Scientific™ Remel™ Culture Media

We are experiencing higher than planned demand for key microbiology products, and to continue to serve as many customers as possible, we are focusing our operations on maximizing production output. It is more efficient to produce larger quantity pack sizes than smaller pack sizes, and for a short period we will therefore concentrate production of certain products on the 100/pack configuration rather than the corresponding 10/pack configuration. Concretely, we will make the following 10/pack products temporarily unavailable from Sept 28th 2020 until Oct 19th 2020:

PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION R01200 Blood Agar,5% Sheep Blood 10/PK R02050 Blood/MacConkey Biplate 10/PK R01320 Columbia CNA w/5% Sheep Blood 10/PK R01040 Anaer (CDC) Blood Agar 10/PK R01858 Strep Selective II Agar 10/PK R01660 PEA w/5% Sheep Blood 10/PK R01215 Columbia Blood Agar w/5% SB 10/PK R01856 Strep A Isolation Agar 10/PK R01254 Brucella w/5% SB,Hem,Vit K 10/PK R01857 Strep Selective Agar 10/PK

The products will instead be available in the following 100/pack configurations: PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION R01202 Blood Agar,5% Sheep Blood 100/PK R02049 Blood/MacConkey Biplate 100/PK R01322 Columbia CNA w/5% Sheep Blood 100/PK R01036 Anaer (CDC) Blood Agar 100/PK R01859 Strep Selective II Agar 100/PK R01662 PEA w/5% Sheep Blood 100/PK R01217 Columbia Blood Agar w/5% SB 100/PK R01855 Strep A Isolation Agar 100/PK R01255 Brucella w/5% SB,Hem,Vit K 100/PK R01864 Strep Selective Agar 100/PK

We apologize for any inconvenience this temporary shift will cause for you. As always, we greatly value our relationship with you and are committed to supporting your important work. If you have any additional questions about your current orders,or placement of new orders, please reach out to our Customer Service Team 800-521-0445.



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