A business is only a good as it’s worst employee - but what if you have no bad employees? A key to success in the business world is maintaining quality employees. If a corporation can be successful in retaining an impressive and loyal staff, improvements will be made across the board. From customer satisfaction and loyalty, to product sales, and even to successful planning an implementation of new and exciting ideas will improve with the right people working for it. But how can I keep my staff content? The biggest obstacle in keeping staff happy with their employers is adjusting the business or company as a whole - but the changes can be minimal to maximize success.

Ensure Comfort and Safety
Keep in mind that some employees may not feel “right at home” on the first day, but ensure that by at least the second week they’re beginning to feel comfortable in their environment. Making an effort to include new employees is everyone’s job - a collaborative effort to solidify future success. Even with employees who have been with the company for a few years, make sure that they feel safe to express their concerns or offer suggestions without penalty. New ideas can only help grow the business, good or bad.

Use Their Talents and Skills
Give your employees opportunities to adjust what they do in the workplace to better fit what they are qualified to do and interested in! Be flexible with what employees have to offer and offer to do. Additionally, always seek internal help with a problem before asking an outside source to collaborate with the group. A hidden talent or interest left off of a resume could create opportunities for the entire company to develop, and could even save some money.

Grant Opportunities to Grow
Suggest seminars, books, articles, or retreats to employees. Without the chance to collaborate with people outside of the company for a few days, or even hear new ideas about bettering their own career, staff members can become fatigued with their job - believing they are not improving or being valued as a member of the unit. If this stagnation occurs, even the most productive employee can drag the rest of the unit down. Offer every member of the workforce chances to grow within their field and work to encourage them to take these opportunities!

Celebrate Success, But Don’t Dwell On What Goes Wrong
When a staff member does a particularly good job, let them know. Appreciation can go a long way in retaining a quality employee. A simple email or message in passing can make a person feel valuable and committed to the company. When a staff member does a sub-par job, or something goes unexpectedly wrong, take time to work out the issue, but make it known that this one-time mistake is merely a symptom of being human and the employee has nothing to fear!

Communicate Clearly
When outlining specific directions and objectives, be concise with your language. If you desire a particular outcome make it as clear as possible to your employee what they are to do to achieve that goal. Even if it’s a reminder of what is expected daily, outline explicitly what is expected - you’ll save your employee the stress and fear of being caught doing the wrong thing. A clear framework can also guide your staff to become creative within their position and pioneer a new way to work and solve problems around the office.