Visit any medical health facility and you’re sure to find BD products ranging from syringes to waste disposal. As the leading provider of syringes across the healthcare community, BD is constantly evolving, producing new technology to help create the safest and easiest care for patients.

One of the newest products BD has launched is the BD Integra™ retracting syringe. While maintaining the same look and feel as conventional needles produced by BD, the Integra™ needle boasts enhanced features including a wider handle, improving stability and accuracy; a clear barrel; bold markings to improve measuring accuracy; and “Tru-Lok” technology to reduce medication waste after injection. Though not produced for drawing blood or venipuncture, the Integra™ needle does offer a detachable needle which can be swapped when aspirating medication for administration. With a simple process of twist-to-tighten technology, the Integra™ needle will not disrupt or alter the safety practices and standard procedures for medical professionals who make the switch to using these needles. BD does warn, however, that the BD Integra™ retracting needle will only fit a BD Integra™ retracting syringe.

What makes the BD Integra™ retracting syringe the most impressive is the retracting needle boasted in its name. A retracting precision glide needle can be activated at two points in the administration process. With two clicks of the plunger after medication has been injected, the needle can be retracted while the needle is still within the patient or immediately after it is withdrawn. If the needle is to be retracted while still inside the patient, it is important the administrator of the medication not push the needle further into the patient while attempting the two-click activation of the needle. Additionally, after the two clicks of the plunger, the needle will be recessed into the barrel and should be immediately disposed of in an approved container.

A simple hypodermic needle with advanced technology, the BD Integra™ retracting syringe is an essential addition to medical facilities. Offered in packs of 100 in a variety of sizes, purchase your BD Integra™ retracting syringe from Troy Biologicals online at at or over the phone at 800.521.0445.