Features to Look for in Your Food Manufacturing Inventory Management Software

Inventory management is key to a maintaining safe, quality food manufacturing facility and in this day and age, good inventory management software is required. The good news is that there are plenty of options for this type of software and it can make inventory management as well as food quality assurance much easier. The bad news is that it can be difficult to know which options will work best for you as a food quality assurance professional.

We’ve compiled a list of a few different features that you should look for in your inventory management software to make your life easier.

Intuitive Design

Perhaps the most important feature of any new piece of software is that it is easy for users to understand and learn. The design of the software’s interface should be intuitive for the majority of users. Because so many people today interact with technology on a regular basis, the bar has been raised for how much software is expected to do and how easy it should be to use.

Automation Capabilities

The reason that organizations implement new software systems is to make their business processes run more efficiently – and it’s no different for food manufacturing. The right inventory management software should allow you to automate key processes so that your existing staff can do their jobs more easily. Further, this automation should make it more efficient to operate with your current staff so you can hold off on expanding your team, saving resources for other business investments.

Ability to Review Past Actions

Your inventory management software should allow you to learn from past performance, which means that you need to be able to review past reports quickly. When this functionality works well, it means that you will be able to review important data on a regular basis and thereby make future inventory and food safety choices based on that data.

Centralized Data

In addition to the ability to access data from past audits and past years, the best management system will allow users at various locations to access the same data easily. Cloud-based systems are the easiest to configure with this type of data sharing. By allowing all location to access safety and quality assurance data, it becomes easier to maintain consistency.

Compliance Consideration

The best food manufacturing software will help you to stay FSMA compliant. Compliance assistance may come in the form of audit reminders, internal audit assistance, and record keeping. Inventory management software can be especially helpful when it comes to auditing procedures since it can allow you to access reports without resorting to paper files or pdfs.