Trapped behind desks and computer screens, the average working adult probably isn’t getting the recommended daily 30 minute exercise break they need. With boost to recall abilities, energy levels, and overall health, it seems like working out for half an hour is well worth the cost! Though it may be second nature to some, others often struggle to make time to work out, stick to a routine, or even give up when aches and pains begin to occur. Following is your guide for beating these gym-going problems so you can promote bone health and rest easy.

“I have no time!”
Working out for thirty minutes may mean skipping an episode of your favorite show, but it can most definitely be worked into ay schedule. If you simply can’t find time to head to a gym, the least you can do to still reap the benefits of daily exercise are:

  • In the morning, take a jog around the neighborhood.
  • On a lunch break, walk to and from the restaurant.
  • Before bed, run around the block or take a walk with a friend.

Additionally, if you work around a hectic schedule, working out might offer stress and tension relief from long days in the office or chasing after kids.

“It’s boring!”
Your work out is what you make it. If a fun and exciting playlist doesn’t get you motivated to do those squats, try working out with a friend. If that still doesn’t work, try following along to a YouTube video or workout app. And even if within those routines you start to find yourself bored, switch up the moves – find exercises you like to do and that work best for you!

“It hurts!”
If you experience discomfort from working out, the first thing to do is consult a doctor. Most likely, they’ll suggest a brace and/or ice. On top of those helping measures, almost every physical ache or pain can be alleviated, either partially or completely, with correctly applied Kinesio Tape. These strips of tape can be placed around the body to help lift the skin away from irritated muscles and tendons, stimulating blood flow, and helping the healing process. Kinesio Tape can be worn during physical activity or even during down time. To purchase Kinesio Tape for your next workout sessions, visit or call 800.521.0445.

Remember to make your workout work for you. Adjust when you find yourself stressed about time, bored, or uncomfortable. Thirty minutes a day can make a huge different in your health right now and way down the road!