The task of gaining new patients for any medical practice can seem daunting and even unsurpassable, but with the right factors outlined, it can be a simple and pain-free process that will better your business.

1.) Establish an Environment
When a prospective patient is on the hunt for a new place to entrust their oral hygiene, the environment of an office can make all the difference. Some things patients pay attention to are location, outward appearance, decor, and reception. Spice up your look to make patients feel welcome and ensure the quality of the patient-reception interactions, first impressions can make or break your business!

2.) Focus on Your Patient
Prospective patients want to know their needs are being considered in all parts of your practice. Consider the many different instances you will interact with your patient besides when they are in the hands of hygienists. The following have been highlighted as reasons a patient would decide to switch from their current provider:

  • Scheduling difficulty
  • Poor quality of dental work
  • Insurance not accepted
  • High prices
  • Unfriendly staff
  • “Dentist is not gentle”


Every facet of your business is on display for prospective and current patients, make as many changes as possible to always make services easy and comfortable for your clients.

3.) Engagement
An often overlooked part of gaining and retaining a loyal client base is presence online. Whether it’s running a Facebook page, utilizing fun hashtags, or sending monthly emails, engagement with patients online demonstrates the care your practice has for its client base. Having a social media presence will also help establish credibility with prospective patients!

4.) Employees and Equipment
Have a highly qualified staff! Though patients probably won’t ask for the educational history of your hygienists, it’s important for their overall experience that your staff be knowledgeable in their field. It will be obvious to one-time clients whether or not your staff knows how to operate as a quality practice. Along with their basic education, patients want to see your staff utilizing new and improved technologies. Keeping up with dental trends can only help to benefit your business. Don’t worry about overspending on new technology though, many distributors offer low cost, high quality equipment (Ex: Troy Biologicals).

5.) Reviews!

It may seem obvious, but prior reviews from patients are the most influential factors in the decision making process for prospective clients. Being present on social media can give an outlet for reviews, but also being present on Yelp and other reviewing sites, can give your practice the credibility you’ll need to grow your client base. Along with review online, word-of-mouth referrals can make all the difference. One way to increase your patient-to-patient referrals is to incentivize the process. Offer discounts or special treatments in return for new clients. This technique can exponentially increase your number of patients, but the key is to follow through on your promises.