Pet Health

  1. August 16, 2017

    Your Pet and the Pests to Look Out For

    Though the days of biting mosquitoes and buzzing flies are almost at an end for those of us at the last few weeks of summer vacation, for our pets, the battle against bugs is still very present. Ensuring you treat your pets when you find a pest…
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  2. May 17, 2017

    Pets & Pest Control: A Guide To Helping Your Companions This Spring

    As the days get warmer those creepy-crawlers that have been dormant the past few months begin to emerge. Domestic animals will interact with these bugs daily. Whether through ingestion, bites, or stings, man’s best friend is always at risk of…
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  3. April 19, 2017

    Are Cats Giving Humans the Flu?

    Flu season is upon us. And while most humans are getting (or should already have) a flu shot, our furry companions are not as lucky. A recent outbreak of flu among cats in a New York City shelter has drawn some attention lately, because it is…
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  4. April 12, 2017

    Top 4 Concerns People Have When Choosing a New Vet

    Building a sustainable veterinary practice means working diligently at attracting and retaining new clients. When you focus on those things that are most important to pet owners, you improve your chances of finding this success and building…
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  5. April 12, 2017

    Microbiology Products Every Veterinary Office Should Have

    Veterinary offices offer differing levels of service. Not all offices need to have the full range of equipment and microbiology products required to run every possible test, so it is important to choose those products that will be most helpful to…
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