Monthly Archives: September 2017

  1. September 28, 2017

    Quick Fixes to Your Excuses for Not Exercising

    Trapped behind desks and computer screens, the average working adult probably isn’t getting the recommended daily 30 minute exercise break they need. With boost to recall abilities, energy levels, and overall health, it seems like working out…
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  2. September 14, 2017

    How Dirty is Your Phone?

    Antibacterial soap and hand sanitizers are great ways to fight germs, but what about all the bacteria living - and thriving!- on your cell phone? We’ve all heard that the average dog harbors less bacteria in its mouths than a human, but recent…
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  3. September 07, 2017

    September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

    Defined in its simplest terms, obesity is having an excess body weight for a particular height. Based on one’s body mass index (BMI), obesity in children is diagnosed when the child ranks in the 95th percentile or above. More abstractly,…
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  4. September 01, 2017

    Retaining Quality Employees

    A business is only a good as it’s worst employee - but what if you have no bad employees? A key to success in the business world is maintaining quality employees. If a corporation can be successful in retaining an impressive and loyal staff,…
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